Strollo's Jerky is simply about...

Low Sodium*0g Sugars Per Serving*0g Carbs*No Preservatives*Made with All Natural Beef

High Protein*Low Fat*No Artificial Ingredients*Minimally Processed


Hello and Welcome to Strollo's Beef Jerky LLC


Strollo's Beef Jerky is the first gourmet style Beef Jerky to hit the mainstream market. Staying true to our homemade recipe style jerky we attest that quality doesn't have to lack with higher demand. All our jerky is made in a USDA inspected facility in the USA and made using only USA beef.

Our unique Jerky making process is what separates our jerky from the rest. We thin slice our beef along with adding an extra drying process that bring the natural salt already in the meat to the surface of each piece.

Our Beef Jerky is made in small batches to ensure the highest level of freshness and quality goes into every bag of jerky we sell. We like to think our method of making jerky raises the bar for jerky company standards. 

 Our jerky is made using 100% All Natural USDA certified beef, and unlike every other brand on the market we make sure that there's more beef in every bite! Our jerky recipe includes only a handful of ingredients which eliminates the need to use additives or fillers in our jerky. Our original flavors have a low sodium content compared to most brands currently on the market along with zero sugar per serving, zero carbohydrates and zero preservatives. 


    Strollo's Beef Jerky will stand toe to toe with any other leading brand when it comes to quality and taste. Here at Strollo's Beef Jerky we're reinventing the way real jerky should taste. We invite you to try our beef jerky and see for yourself. Taste the tradition, from our home to yours and we thank you for stopping by!